House Demolition Gold Coast

Wipeout Demolition is a professional contracting company based on the Gold Coast that specialises in residential and commercial demolition, as well as certified asbestos removal.

Demolition Contracts

Residential and Commercial

We have all the equipment required for all demolition services and perform a variety of steps before undertaking any demolition activities such as performing an asbestos investigation, identifying hazardous materials, obtaining permits, disconnecting utilities and developing an onsite work plan.

A typical residential/commercial demolition is achieved through the following steps:

  1. The worksite is assessed and all hazardous materials are removed.
  2. The roof structure is removed either mechanically or via manual labour
  3. Depending if a typical or difficult designed building the remaining structure will be attended to mechanically or manually depending on access to the areas
  4. Remaining materials are sorted for recycling and appropriate disposal via certified transportation to the dump or recycling areas.

We can assist with a range of occupied and operating premises such as:

  • Shopping centres, schools, hospitals.
  • High rise and industrial strip-outs.
  • Dismantling of warehouses and cool room panelling.
  • Lift car, shaft and machine room removal.
  • Termite damaged wall and framework.
  • Flood affected site remediation
  • House demolition wherehouse demolition , strip outs

Environmental Protection

The team at wipeout Demolition are committed to using Australian best practice in the preservation of the environment. We work to ensure that the removal of hazardous material, demolition and remediation’s are carried out using methodical and systematic processes. We do this to ensure work is carried out safely and any impact on the environment is minimised. Conservation is also important, so where possible materials are recycled including brick, concrete, metals, green waste and timber.

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